Everyone washes their car, which is why a car wash fundraiser makes perfect sense. We offer two options to meet your fundraising goals. This fundraiser will not require sellers to deliver products to buyers three weeks later. Both options require zero startup costs.

Option 1 - Pre-Sale (Under 100 members)

Pre-sale simply means selling tickets that are good for our top of the line Diamond Wash. You sell them and keep 50% of total sales. Remember, you are selling a service that will not spoil or must be used during a certain time period. This option is great for small sports teams, clubs, and charities.

Option 2 - Code Use (Over 100 members)

You will be given a 4 digit code that is good for two months. We provide cards with your code to hand out to everyone you know, friends, neighbors, anyone. When they enter the code they will save $1 off all of our washes. At the end of the two months we will total the number of codes entered and give you $1 for each code entered. This option is great for large organizations such as churches and schools.